I would like to point you to another blog that I enjoy. Torahbytes is a blog and email produced along the theme of Messianic Judaism. I regularly find an interesting perspective from the author, Alan Gilman.

This week’s post is entitled “Some Things Only You Can Carry” and presents the idea that we should only be responsible for the things that God has placed upon us. In referring to the earlier Jewish nation, he said:

The religious leaders of those days had piled all sorts of extra responsibilities upon the people, far more than they were able to bear. Yeshua had come to restore right relationship with God, which included removing all sorts of unnecessary burdens from our lives.”

I resonate very strongly with that statement and find that it is equally applicable to the Mormon culture. So many items have been added to our ‘to do’ list that we can hardly manage it in our lives. Between callings, home/visiting teaching, carting kids to Mutual, doing genealogy and temple work, etc., our lives represent many burdens placed there by our religious leaders in the name of God. How many of them are really placed there by our Father? I would suggest that the core of what He asks us to do is:

“Repent and come unto Christ…”

Laying on all the busy work only distracts us from the key burden placed upon us – to come to know our Savior.

I encourage you to check out the Torahblogs site. Sign up for his weekly emails and donate if you can.

What think ye?

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