If you would like to engage the house blogger, please email me at spektator@gmail.com. I welcome constructive dialog on the pertinent topics of the discussion represented at this site.

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    • John,
      I installed the subscribe plug-in. Thanks for the tip. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

      • coder:

        the RSS subscribe to comments only shows the most recent 10 comments, whereas your Rejecting the Gospel article already has 59 comments. I can’t see the other 49 in my RSS reader.
        Could you please adjust the plugin so that it shows all comments and not only the most recent 10?

      • Spektator:

        Ten used to be sufficient. I set syndication feeds to 100. I hope this doesn’t negatively impact other rss users. Let me know if that solved your issue.

      • coder:

        works great now!
        I got all the 59 replies and now can peruse them calmly without having to be online.
        I noticed that you are tech savvy. PLease consider another request.
        Could you have a domain name for your website like justntrue.wordpress.org?
        wordpress.org allows to browse blogs via HTTPS, whereas justandtrue.com doesn’t.
        I really don’t feel comfortable knowing that my employer, my ISP and, hell, the powers that be can potentially know what I’m reading/writing here.

        If your site was on wordpress.org’s HTTPS, then to an eavesdropper it would only look like I’m accessing some blog on wordpress.org (but exactly which blog out of the million blogs they wouldn’t be able to tell)

        Thanks in advance

      • coder:

        Hi, Spek.
        Here I am again nagging you with my requests.
        Rejectin the Gospel has 200+ comments now.
        Could you remove the limit of 100 from the syndication plugin?

        If somebody makes a comment for your post and wants to see follow-up comments, yet doesnt want to see all the previous 200 comments, he can simply check the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail ” checkbox.
        For the rest of us who come here not casually but with the intent of doing research, we would definitely appreciate having all the comment history in our RSS feed reader.

      • Spektator:

        I looked into hosting with WordPress but that won’t be happening. I want to maintain the site with the current URL. Unless I am missing something, I don’t want to administer two sites. I changed the limit on RSS so you shouldn’t see any limitation.

  • Tonie Gerritsen:

    Just a question: Who are you? Could not find it on the fantastic website. I am an active LDS member but slightly sight impaired.
    Tonie Gerritsen, Manchester UK

  • Spektator:

    Thanks for stopping by. I believe that who I am is not as important as the message of this site. Simply put, I am an individual who is striving to come unto Christ. D&C 10:67 tells us that is the definition of His church, nothing more and nothing less. I have come to realize that we ‘come unto Christ’ through the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost.


  • JR:

    Just discovered this website tonight, June 24, 2012. Thank you very, very much for this.
    What a blessing to read the testimonies and the truth herein. So different from other websites.
    Would you please contact me personally? I have questions I would prefer not to put on the blog.
    You have my email address.
    Thank you.
    Your Brother in Christ

  • rhh:

    Really enjoy your blog. I share many of the same questions, thoughts and feelings. Just food for thought, what of D&C 76:52 and its relationship to entering in at the gate, receiving the Holy Ghost.

    “That by keeping the commandments they might be washed and cleansed from all their sins, and receive of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands of him who is ordained and sealed unto this power.”

    The Holy Spirit is received by the laying on of hands, “of him who is ordained and sealed unto this power.”

    Frankly, I was baptized and confirmed by my Father. A great man. But he was never ordained and sealed unto this power. I have done the same for my children, yet, I have not been sealed and ordained unto this power. Are we simply lacking something that we think we have?

  • Spektator:

    You have asked a question that, I believe, requires a lot of thought and prayer. After reading your question, I retread the story of Alma the senior. He received his power and authority from God. Can we not have the same source? I would suggest that we all have the right and priviledge to petition our Father for the right answer in our particular circumstances. For Alma, he was ordained by the Holy Ghost. For Cornelius, he was directed to someone who held the authority.

    So, I don’t think there is a single generic answer to your question. Does God accept your authority in the administration of the ordinances of salvation? Ask Him….

  • coder:

    Spek, do you know that each page of your blog has a certain line of text injected into it:

    With online loan documents are single parents

    Check out page’s source and you will see this line.
    How on Earth did that get into your website?

  • coder:

    Yep, having read this

    I guess your WP installation was compromised, probably because you are using a custom theme.
    Sorry to bring you bad news on a Sunday.

  • Spektator:

    Dang, you now know that I am a loan shark… NOT. I am on the road this week and will look into it when I get back. It looks like it can be a challenge to get rid of the infestation. Thanks for making my day.


  • Angel:

    I gave my life to JESUS at the tender age of 14 years of age, and about two weeks later this is what happened to me.
    On one morning in late 1986, I was getting up and I saw that everybody was sound asleep. Right across my room was the restroom, and as I begin to walk toward it, I heard the spirit of GOD say to me, “Look in your hand”. I began to say back to the spirit of GOD, “Why would I look in my hand?” Then the spirit of GOD spoke for the second time, “I said look in your hand”. By now I am still talking back to the spirit of GOD because I didn’t know what was going on. I was only 14 years old when this happened to me, so as you can imagine, I was frightened. So for the third and final time the spirit of GOD’s voice got really loud and HE said to me, “I said to look in your hand!” This time I looked at my right hand and I saw what looked like a puddle of blood, but here’s the thing: it was not bleeding. Then, right in the center of my right hand I noticed that GOD had put a beautiful cross there.
    By now I had gone to my mother’s room and knocked as hard as I could on her door and when she opened the door and saw my hand, the only thing she could say to do, so we just decided to pick up the phone book and call up some of our local pastor’s to tell them what had happened to me. My mother and I came across a particular pastor in Newnan, Georgia, and we decided to call him. My mother started to tell this pastor about all that had happened to me, and this is what the pastor told my mom: “Tell your daughter to show as many people as she can about the cross that GOD had put in your hand”. The pastor also told my mother that GOD had ‘marked your daughter’. It was so amazing and so touching! And yes this is a true story. To this day that same cross is still in my right hand. (I just Love showing people!)
    MATTHEW 19:26

    GOD Bless You!:-) -Angel

  • Fusion:

    Hi Spektator,

    Just to let you know that your blog has been a wonderful source to my study, and your other blog is just about perfect.

    I have been coming here very often for a long time. I’m looking forward to another post of yours…it seems like it has been forever 🙂

    All the best,

  • Spektator:

    Sorry for the delay in posting. I have had several of lives obstacles to overcome the last several months. Thanks for the encouragement.


  • Dia:

    Hello bristers (combination of ‘brothers’ & ‘sisters’ !!) –

    I just want to thank the provider of this site for freely sharing “Christ the Healer” as a .pdf file. My hard copy is probably in the garage stored away in a box….my bookshelf needs cleaning every now and then. I thank God for the ETERNAL WORDs HE has provided to us to assure us of HIS LOVE toward us. “Christ the Healer” is equipping me afresh to fight the fight for my daughter’s life. I am so encouraged to read your site to see all the hungry souls Holy Spirit – by the finished work of Jesus – is drawing so many to the Father. Soon we will be fellowshipping in purity and wholeness, made “ONE” by His LOVE !! Keep up the good work allowing us to get to know each other a little. I AM HIS….thank you, Jesus!

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